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Employee Life Cycle Management

Automates and optimizes each and every phase of the employee life cycle. Right from hiring to separation each and every step gets recorded.

Report generation

A powerful Query Builder module, allows you to configure and create any ad-hoc reports easily. You can view the result on the screen; send it to the printer or even to a Lotus or Excel spreadsheet.


Generate Revenue from Products and Services with Cyberedge.


Generate Revenue from Products and Services with Cyberedge.

Diversify your revenue by surfacing products and services your audience may like from across the Web using the Cyberedge real-time bidding environment.


Segmentation of data

This makes decision making processes smother and enables the manager to stop spending time looking for information and breaking it down into meaningful batches

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Custom Reports

The powerful Custom Reports module gives you a ready set of pre-formatted day-to-day reports that can be printed at will, after specifying the desired parameters.

Employee Data Bank


Comprehensive Employee Information including corporate data, Personal data, educational background, career progression, Achievements, memos etc. The information about employees who have left organization is still retained in the system, and can be retrieved anytime for various analyses.